Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Symantec offered $50,000 to source code hacker

In January, Symantec admitted that back in 2006, its servers were the victim of a cyber attack. The people responsible for the attack took the source code for a number of Symantec's security software products. Hackers who said they were associated with Anonymous threatened in January to release the source code. However, Symantec said that since the source code was so old, most of the products that are currently being used by customers were not in danger. The one exception was the PCAnywhere product which Symantec later updated with a patch.

Google FINALLY releases Chrome for Android

Yesterday, Google has finally released its Chrome browser for Android in a beta version.

It’s been four years since Google Chrome launched for the desktop and the mobile version will finally allow you to sync all of your information for a true seamless mobile experience. Unfortunately, it’s not available to everyone, as this version will only run on phones that have Ice Cream Sandwich.