Monday, January 23, 2012

Fileserve closes reward program, terminates accounts

It really is becoming a horror story for file-sharing websites these past couple of days, as yet another website has begun partially shutting down its services. While there is no current indication on their website, Fileserve has begun suspending user accounts and has closed their affiliate program. Many users are reporting that when they sign in to their accounts they are informed that their account has been disabled due to violations of their Terms and Conditions.

Filesonic gets scared, closes file-sharing service

Following the recent US government takedown of MegaUpload for allegedly facilitating copyright infringement, amongst other claims, popular file-sharing website Filesonic has now disabled its file-sharing functionality. The only thing that users of the site can do now is access the files that they personally have uploaded, leaving the site as less of a file-sharing service and more of a personal storage bank.