Friday, January 6, 2012

Early, buggy build of Android 4.0 for Kindle Fire now available

The Amazon Kindle Fire ships with a custom version of Google Android which is designed to work with Amazon’s music, movie, book, and app stores. But people have been replacing the official Kindle Fire software with custom versions of Android almost as long as the tablet has been available — and now the tools are available for anyone to install an early build of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on the tablet.

Sony Ericsson Releases Alpha ICS ROM For Certain Unlocked Xperia Devices

Sony Ericsson has a clear stance on the Android dev community: one love. In what is, apparently, a first for the company, an alpha ROM of its in-development Ice Cream Sandwich port is available for install across a trio of unlocked Xperia devices -- the Arc S, Neo V and Ray. 

Galaxy Nexus Ads by including Siri and iPhone 4S

It seems that it is customary for the giant Samsung decided to mock or attack the competition in the field of mobile devices, such as cases in which the latest announcement to publicize the Samsung Galaxy S2 (and another one), iPhone fans queue length clone of the smaller mobile screen without 4G connectivity and lower (such as the expressed in the video). Well this time the turn of the new Galaxy Nexus will be publicized through the television in China, because of this, the first smartphone that comes with the release of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, will soon be sold in the country.

Samsung steals girl from Apple’s ad for its own. Watch…

Considering Apple and Samsung’s recent battles, this is rather amusing.

Two ads, both featuring the same little girl with seemingly equal passions for both the iPhone 4S and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. Each to their own I suppose…

Google buys 217 more patents from IBM

Google apparently sees a lot of value in IBM's patent portfolio, and Big Blue is apparently happy to sell them off: Google just bought 217 patents from IBM, following its two purchases totaling over two thousand patents last summer.