Friday, January 20, 2012

Larry Page: Google+ now has 90 million users with 60% daily engagement

Google’s Larry Page has announced that Google+ now has 90 million users globally, doubling the number from three months ago. Page also said that G+ has a 60% ‘daily engagement’ rate. This came as a part of Google’s Q4 and fiscal year 2011 financial reports.
I am super excited about the growth of Android, Gmail, and Google+, which now has 90 million users globally – well over double what I announced just three months ago. By building a meaningful relationship with our users through Google+ we will create amazing experiences across our services.

This number is significantly higher than the 62 million estimated by founder and ‘unofficial Google+ statistician’ Paul Allen in December. Google reported revenue that was significantly lower than expected for the fourth quarter of this year at $8.13B with an EPS of $9.50, estimates had pegged the search and ad giant’s earnings at around $8.4B.

By comparison, it took Facebook 4.5 years to get to the 100 million mark. Google+ should get there at 8 months. Engagement numbers are good for the network too, as we’ve seen personally here at The Next Web. It’s not clear from Page’s statements whether ‘daily engagement’ was just viewing or a user taking a specific action on the service like +1-ing a post.

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