Friday, January 6, 2012

Google buys 217 more patents from IBM

Google apparently sees a lot of value in IBM's patent portfolio, and Big Blue is apparently happy to sell them off: Google just bought 217 patents from IBM, following its two purchases totaling over two thousand patents last summer. 

The sales are reflected in the US patent and trademark office database, but we don't know exactly how much money changed hands in this sale (or any of the bigger ones last year). Some of these patents cover mobile phones and other technology relevant to Google's defense of Android, but there's also dozens that don't appear to be directly related, including some patents on data caching, blade servers, and server load balancing. These things could have to do with Android's back end, for sure, but its more likely that Google's doing its due diligence and helping its intellectual property portfolio grow into its own. 

Via | The Verge

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