Friday, January 6, 2012

Galaxy Nexus Ads by including Siri and iPhone 4S

It seems that it is customary for the giant Samsung decided to mock or attack the competition in the field of mobile devices, such as cases in which the latest announcement to publicize the Samsung Galaxy S2 (and another one), iPhone fans queue length clone of the smaller mobile screen without 4G connectivity and lower (such as the expressed in the video). Well this time the turn of the new Galaxy Nexus will be publicized through the television in China, because of this, the first smartphone that comes with the release of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, will soon be sold in the country.

Once again like to mock the iPhone 4S, and although this announcement in Chinese, in conversation with iPhone Siri users, Apple is very famous for intelligent personal assistant, which again is during one of the lines of the famous white apples to buy a mobile phone, as the boys’ man asks Siri to tell you what is a sleek, bright screen, larger than can be downloaded from the Internet content quickly and even have video calls with 9 people simultaneously. Siri then responded: Samsung Galaxy Nexus. This is the full dialog:
  • Guy: Wich is the thinnest smartphone, with the largest and brightest screen, able to download internet content faster than anyone and with wich you can make videocalls with other friends?
  • Siri: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  • Guy: Ok, when could I buy it?
  • Siri: Soon
  • Guy: Will i have to queue to buy it?
  • Siri: Maybe

Competence as a fair? Everyone can have an opinion other than to answer that question.

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  1. This has been an issue way back last January and many Apple fans reacted on this commercial. We can't blame Samsung. Apple has been throwing a lot of lawsuits to this company and people just don't know when will Apple end its series of lawsuits among mobile companies. By the way, I also use iPhone 4S and I enjoy using Siri.

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