Monday, December 12, 2011

[VIDEO] The Next Big Thing – Movies & Music

Samsung has released another commercial from their "Next Big Thing" ad campaign, this time focusing on music and movies.  As you'll see in the clip below, the Android guy running a Galaxy S II gets to pull his music and movies from a variety of sources and doesn't need to spend 36 hours in line to do so.

Kindle Fire software update coming in less than two weeks, performance and UI improvements promised

In the wake of user complaints about web browsing speeds and other performance issues, Amazon has told the New York Times that it will be releasing a software update for the Kindle Fire "in less than two weeks." That timeframe would put this new software update about a month after the 6.2 update released at the end of November.

Samsung sells over 300 million phones in 2011

Samsung sells a lot of mobile phones. How many? Reuters reports that the company announced today that it has now sold over 300 million mobile handsets for the first time in Samsung's history. In fact the 300 million sales mark was reached at the end of November, which means that that number could be much higher by the end of 2011.

Motorola wins patent suit against Apple in Germany, iPhone/iPad sales to be banned

Last week, the Mannheim Regional Court in Germany ruled that Apple did infringe on GPRS patents belonging to smartphone rival Motorola, which could see an injunction placed on iPhones and iPads.

Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales in Australia to begin today

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet will finally go on sale in Australia on today thanks to a decision made by the country's highest court last week. The Register reports that the Australian High Court has ruled that last week's lower court ruling that overturned the sales ban on the tablet will stand, despite an appeal by Apple that it be reinstated.

Apple loses iPad trademark court battle in China

In the year 2000, a Chinese company named Proview Technology trademarked the name iPad in its home country. Of course, today that term is known as the branding behind Apple's highly successful iOS tablet device. But even the mighty Apple wasn't able to convince a judge in China to allow it to use the iPad term. ZDNet reports that the patent court in Shenzen, China ruled in favor of Proview Technology's claim on the iPad trademark.

Steve Jobs biography hits top spot on Amazon’s 2011 best-seller chart

Steve Jobs’ passing in early October saw pre-orders of his biography jump by over 41,000% on, and following the book’s eventual release on the 24th of October, it shifted almost 380,000 copies in the first week across the board in the US.

Graphing Comes to Google

Google has added graphing functionality to its seemingly ever-growing list of search bar capabilities, the company announced in a blog post.

iPhone 4S launching in Brazil, Russia, South Africa, other countries December 16th

Apple continues to sell the iPhone 4S on a reservation basis at its stores here in the US, but a lack of supply isn't stopping the company from continuing with the next wave of international launch plans. 

Samsung teases flexible, transparent display in concept video

Samsung's flexible display technology isn't slated to hit the market until 2012, but the Korean manufacturer is already giving us a glimpse of how it may transform our lives, with a freshly released concept video. Yes, it's just a concept ad, and a relatively brief one at that, but it still paints a pretty mouth-watering portrait -- one full of transparent, flexible screens, smartphone-tablet hybrids, and augmented reality. Check it out for yourself, after the break.

Apple licensed iOS scrolling patent to Nokia and possibly Samsung

The ongoing legal battle between both Samsung and Apple could have experienced a temporary ceasefire, after reports of Apple offering a patent license to Samsung have appeared. The company also licensed the patent to Nokia, as The Verge reports in extreme detail.

WebOS to go open source

Very soon, developers will be able to access the WebOS operating system under an open source license agreement. Last Friday, WebOS's current owners, HP, announced the decision to release the operating system under such a program, saying, "Developers, partners, HP engineers and other hardware manufacturers can deliver ongoing enhancements and new versions into the marketplace."