Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend and Last Week Recap

Another week of news, last week in It's All My Blog, we had news about the Carrier IQ rootkit, the patent war as always and more, this weekend, I looked all over the world for news, so you can start a new week with good new stories.

Carrier IQ Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg. Wikileaks Founder Reveals That Smartphones Can Be Easily Hacked

Carrier IQ is bad news. We have spent much ink covering and debating the maliciousness of this pre-installed service which hides itself in the background of some Android devices, collects user information, and then sends it back to carriers. 

Carrier IQ, Apple, HTC, Samsung as well as AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile sued over Federal wiretap laws

In what is sure to be one of many class-action lawsuits being filed over this Carrier IQ issue, a suit naming phone makers Apple, HTC, Samsung and Motorola, as well as Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T has been filed in Deleware Federal Court. The suit also names the company that makes the offending diagnostic software, Carrier IQ.

US judge permits Galaxy devices to be sold

Samsung's Galaxy family of smartphones and tablets will continue to be sold in the US, thanks to a new court ruling. Reuters reports that late on Friday, a federal judge ruled against a motion from Apple that sales of the Galaxy devices be banned in the US.

Welcome to Androidland: Australia’s (and the world’s) first Android store

If you’re an Android fan and happen to be local to the Australian city of Melbourne then you’ll be pleased to know that the world’s first dedicated Android store has opened, and it’s called Androidland.

Chrome Leapfrogs Firefox to Become World’s No. 2 Browser

Google’s Chrome surpassed Mozilla’s Firefox as the world’s number two browser behind Microsoft’s Internet Explorer last month, according StatCounter.

Windows 8 public beta reportedly due in February

Development of Windows 8 is proceeding nicely by all accounts. In the last two days alone, two interesting updates about the new operating system have emerged – details from Microsoft on how the OS will handle larger data storage devices; and the latest on the Protogon file system, which has now been updated and renamed ReFS.

Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in Australia again

Samsung's victory in an Australian court was short lived. reported on Friday that, the Australian High Court has now extended the ban on the sale of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in that country at the request of Apple so that another hearing in the case can be held later in December.

Now you can call phone numbers from inside Google+ Hangouts

It wasn’t very long ago that we saw Google was changing its Hangouts function inside of Google+ in a big way. The addition of Extras turned Google+ into a virtual meeting room, classroom and collaboration center. Today that gets even more useful as Google+ Hangouts will now let you make free phone calls, bringing anyone in the US and Canada into your group, no computer required.