Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to test your Android device for Carrier IQ rootkit

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If you have a rooted Android device then you can check it for the Carrier IQ rootkit right now. Trevor Eckhart, aka, TrevE over at xda-developers, the security researcher who exposed the whole Carrier IQ debacle, posted an .APK you can install yourself to test for logging services like CIQ. Trevor also has a paid ($1) version of the tool that can remove CIQ on certain devices but we can't recommend it after seeing a few reported issues in the related forums.

Future of WebOS: HP Decision Expected in Two Weeks

After a disastrous wireless turn from HP that culminated last week with HP taking a charge of $1.66 billion to wind down its webOS mobile platform operation, HP’s CEO, Meg Whitman, has finally put a date on when the company will announce the fate of webOS: in the next two weeks.

Kindle Fire Gets An Update That Breaks Root – Don't Worry, You Can Root Again

Amazon has begun pushing a software update to Kindle Fire owners, updating the tablet's software to version 6.2. The online shopping giant kept quiet about just what the update included however. Given this (lack of) information, the real story here is that the update breaks root. Additionally, the Fire is configured to update automatically over WiFi, and there isn't an immediately apparent way to stop it.

Galaxy Nexus OTA update rolls out to fix volume bug

Google has already started quietly rolling out the bug fix (this time is the official fix, not MoDaCo's) for the Galaxy Nexus' notorius volume bug, according to Engadget. The update weighs in at just under 1MB, and addresses the volume bug which resulted in random muting and the inability to change the volume.

Apple's Australian Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 ban overturned for now

In a unanimous decision, the Australian Federal Court has just overturned Apple's patent-related injunction on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, which would mean Samsung's tablet can go back on sale in that country. It won't happen right away, though: according to ZDNet Australia's Luke Hopewell, the presiding judge also ordered that the ruling be stayed until Friday so Apple can appeal the decision to the High Court, leaving things status quo for consumers.

Apple Is At It Again, Seeks Injunction Against Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1N In Germany

After winning multiple preliminary injunctions against Samsung's Galaxy Tab family (including the 10.1, 8.9, and 7.7) in Germany in the recent past, Apple is looking to add one more device to the list: Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1N.

Facebook’s FTC privacy charges settled – 20 years of audits required

Perhaps the most tired debate often heard about the social networking super giant that is Facebook is its propensity to reveal the information of its users even after reassuring them it would be kept private. This well-documented deception has had many consumers up in arms, often to the point where several have legally sued the company in favor of personal privacy.

Never played with Windows Phone? Now you can, on your current smartphone

Windows Phone has managed to garner something of a positive rap in the last few months. That’s to say that people no longer dismiss it out of hand; it’s a decent platform, and people are now treating it as it deserves.

Carrier IQ software accused of tracking phone users

Carrier IQ has been in the Internet spotlight in the last few days. The Mountain View, California based company creates software that is used in millions of smartphones, including Android and Blackberry-based devices. Carrier IQ claims the software is used to monitor "the performance of mobile devices and networks to assist operators and device manufacturers in delivering high quality products and services to their customers."

How to try Google's new navigation menu

Google has recently announced a new interface that hides the navigation menu until you mouse over the logo. If you'd like to try to interface before, you can edit your Google cookie and use some values that trigger the new UI.