Saturday, November 26, 2011

AT&T bets on long shot to save T-Mobile buyout

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, AT&T is preparing a new remedy proposal to the Justice Department in an attempt to save its troubled $39 billion takeover of T-Mobile. 

Google+ Gets Its Own TV Commercial

Sharing, but like real life. This is the message Google is sending with the first video TV commercial for its social network, Google+, which aired during a Lions vs. Packers football game in the U.S. Thursday.

Google working on native content streaming and peripheral support for Chrome

Speaking at Develop Liverpool, Google developer advocate Paul Kinlan says that the company will add native gamepad, webcam, microphone, and content streaming support to Chrome sometime in early 2012 — all of which could eventually enable a pretty compelling OnLive-like cloud gaming experience in the browser without the need for plugins. 

Is the Argentine online video website Cuevana the new Napster?

You know a website is popular when its downtime is newsworthy enough to make it to Twitter’s trending topics – and that’s exactly what happened to a couple days ago. So what is Cuevana and why may it soon be in trouble?

Playstation Move catching up with Xbox Kinect?

Kinect and Move, the two competing motion-tracking systems, are closing in on each other. The last time we heard from the Kinect group, the product was at 10 million sold. But that was back in March, and surprisingly little information has come forward since then. On the other hand, Playstation Move had sold nearly 9 million by June.

Senator Joe Lieberman asks Google for a terrorist flagging button on Blogger

Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) has taken a few hits over the years in technology circles. The Democratic Party's nominee for VP in 2000 is most recently remembered for having proposed an "internet kill switch." Well, that wasn't exactly what he proposed at all, but it didn't earn him any fans in the tech community, that's for sure.