Wednesday, November 23, 2011

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Microsoft signs NDA with Yahoo!, could place bid for the company

Microsoft has signed an NDA with Yahoo! so that they can take a closer look at the financials of the company. The report comes from the New York Times who believes that Microsoft has signed the NDA to align itself for a potential bid for the struggling Internet company. 

New Kinect hardware on the way for Windows, lands in 2012

If you use Kinect with your PC and have dreamed about dedicated hardware for the Windows platform, your dream will come true in 2012. A new blog post on Kinect for Windows has announced that "new Kinect hardware especially for Windows" will be available next year. 

Stanislaw Lem honored by Google doodle puzzle game

Google's doodle for November 23rd is fairly fun — it's a little animated puzzle game in honor of the 60th anniversary of science fiction author Stanislaw Lem's first book being published. The doodle itself is inspired by The Cyerberiad, a series of short stories Lem wrote about a robot universe. 

Exynos 4412 can be the first Quad-core processor from Samsung, SGS3 maybe?

Looks like the first details on Samsung’s Exynos Quad-core System-on-Chip (SoC) have trickled out. Traces of an upcoming Exynos 4412 supporting quad-core have been found on the Kernel Git page. Samsung is apparently testing the chip and has added support for the SoC on the development boards.

Apple and Microsoft-backed BSA acknowledges that SOPA “needs work”

The Business Software Alliance, an industry trade group backed by Apple, Microsoft and over two dozen other tech companies, has admitted that SOPA needs work and that important questions have been raised about it.

New Density settings in Google Reader

A couple of weeks after the redesign, it looks like Google finally decided to make Google Reader as responsive as the other web apps with a ‘display density setting’ like in Gmail or Google Docs. 

Fired Windows Phone evangelist sails into Google territory

Remember this from September? For Joe Marini and his followers, there is at least good news out of this incident - Marini still has a job, and it's still in the hotly contested mobile space. Of course, his job is now at one of his old employer's most despised rivals: Google.

A Friendly Reminder From Google: 2-Step Verification Protects You From Hackers

Did you know that Google offers 2-step login verification for Gmail accounts? The feature has been around a while, and now Google has written a reminder for all users who need an extra layer of security for their Gmail account and other services connected to it.

EU Injects Itself Into Apple-Samsung Patent War

Looks like Apple’s sprawling intellectual property battle with Samsung could draw some unwanted attention from the European Union Competition Commission. Evidently, EU regulators are growing concerned that the battle itself could be stifling competition in the mobile space, and they’ve begun talking to the parties involved.