Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Galaxy Nexus owners complain of odd volume bug

We challenge you to find a major new tech product launch that isn't accompanied by a handful of issues in the field. It's hard to do — and the Galaxy Nexus is no exception, it seems, with reports coming out of the UK that the device's volume is occasionally going to zero uncommanded (a condition sometimes referred to as "mute"). Furthermore, it seems to stick there for several seconds while the device becomes unresponsive, so you can't immediately fix it... but that's assuming you notice it. If you don't, the danger of missing notifications gets a lot higher.

Google+ Adds Mutual Circle Chat

Take a look in the lower left-hand corner of your Google+ profile and you may notice a brand new feature: Chat with those in your mutual Circles. This little addition is significant because it breaks down a key interaction barrier between you and those you’re only acquainted with via Google+’s Circles social connection metaphor.

Ice Cream Sandwich supports USB mass storage after all, Galaxy Nexus does not

When we gave our first impressions of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, we were a bit taken aback by the fact that USB mass storage wasn't supported on the device, leading us to believe that it was a flaw in Android 4.0. 

Flash will be coming to Ice Cream Sandwich

Despite the claims that Flash was dead or was in its final death throes, it seems that the much-maligned program will be making its return on Android 4.0. Information given to Pocket-Lint by Adobe themselves suggests Flash will be remaining with Android.

Get The Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard On Your Phone

For those who are anxious to get their hands on Ice Cream Sandwich, another bit of Android's newest iteration has slipped out. This time, we've got the ICS keyboard. 

Mobile ODIN now lets you flash firmware right from your device

ODIN is a handy, yet powerful tool for Android-powered Samsung devices that allows users to flash firmware updates and kernels using a relatively simple interface.

Early Details On 2012’s Redesigned iPad, iPhone + MacBook Pro

iLonge's most reliable source has spoken: expect body changes for the next iPad, iPhone, and MacBook Pro. Here’s what we’ve heard.

Barnes & Noble Claims Microsoft Illegally Expanding Its Patents To Crush Android

Things are getting a bit more interesting in the ongoing fight between Microsoft and Barnes & Noble. You'll remember that earlier this year, Microsoft began suing B&N for refusing to fork over Android-related fees from the Nook Color. Barnes & Noble has responded, alleging in its motion that Microsoft "is using its licensing practices to improperly broaden the scope of its patents in an attempt to dominate mobile operating systems such as Android that threaten Microsoft's monopoly in personal computer ("PC") operating systems." 

Samsung Galaxy S Official 2.3.5 Update Released to UK

While Samsung Users are Waiting for the Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwhich Update by 2012, which Google has just released its Source Code, Samsung has pushed her first Official Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread Update throught KIES as we announced before that the Update is coming on Q4,2011 and here we are, Just in time for UK users!

Samsung vs Apple trial dates set through March 2012 in Australia

The judge overseeing the Australian case between Apple and Samsung agreed earlier this week to postpone the trial on Samsung's infringement allegations until March 2012. She's now released her scheduling order in the case, and there's a lot going on. Here are some of the deadline highlights.

Tagging your friends in Google+ Photos just got a whole lot easier

Finally, an easier way to tag your friends in photos via Google+. Nathan Davis, Software Engineer on the Google+ Photos team, revealed in a G+ status update that “a fun new feature that will make tagging the people in your photo albums quicker and easier”. It works like this:

Apple Expands ‘App Store’ Lawsuit Against Amazon

The hype surrounding the Kindle Fire appears to have caught Apple’s attention. The iPad maker cited Amazon’s gadget and added a new claim in an amended complaint it filed yesterday as part of its on-going quest to own the phrase “app store.”

Apple wants Samsung’s call center records to prove customer confusion

As a part of its case in the US against Samsung, Apple has requested records from Samsung’s call centers to record any instances where a customer called for support on an Apple product, reports Edible Apple.