Monday, November 21, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S gets unofficial Ice Cream Sandwich port

The Android modding community has already taken advantage of the release of the Ice Cream Sandwich source code by delivering unofficial ports for the Samsung Galaxy S II and the LG Optimus 3D. Now we can add the original Samsung Galaxy S to the list. 

Google Releases A New Galaxy Nexus Commercial Along With Ten How-To Videos

The Galaxy Nexus, aka the biggest tease in the world of mobile this year, is so close that we can almost feel the Verizon variant in our grabby little hands, but alas, it's not out just yet. Google wanted to send us a reminder today, just in case we've forgotten (yeah, right) in the form of a new Galaxy Nexus commercial and ten accompanying how-to videos.

Google accidentally announces Google+ Photo and Video APIs too early

According to TechCrunch Google has accidentally announced its read-only APIs for Google+ Photos and Videos in a blog post the company put up too soon and then pulled down.

Did Steve Jobs want Apple to launch its own wireless network?

Did Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, at one time want to launch the iPhone with its own wireless network? That's the claim from John Stanton, one of the most well known executives in the wireless phone industry. 

Steve Jobs made $1 per year, took no bonuses…but Apple did buy him a $90 MM jet

It’s widely known that former Apple CEO Steve Jobs didn’t take much of an annual salary from the company. As his expenses were reimbursed to the tune of $248,000 he also didn’t go around losing money. But did you know that he also took no bonuses during most of his time with Apple?

Weekend and Last Week Recap

Another week of news, last week in It's All My Blog, Google released Google Music, the iTunes competitor and released the Android 4.0 source code, The New York Times gave us a story about the Google X top-secret laboratory and also Amazon released the Kindle Fire, this weekend, I looked all over the world for news, so you can start a new week with good new stories.