Saturday, November 19, 2011

Google Checkout checks out, replaced by Google Wallet

Google raised a few eyebrows when it sent indie artists through Google Wallet for the new Google Music service, instead of the more seasoned Google Checkout. Well, now it’s pretty obvious why: Google sent out an email saying that Google Checkout will be absorbed into Google Wallet in 2012. According to the email, consumers don’t need to do anything while the transition is being managed.

Google Snags A New Lockscreen Patent, Could Mean New Features For Future Versions Of Android

Looks like the Big Goog has been awarded a new lockscreen patent, which could bring some new features to our good buddy pattern lock.

Google+ adds Trending topics for discovery and Filtering to search results

If there’s one odd part about Google+ it’s the fact that true search has taken a while to come to the service. It wasn’t long ago that we got wind of searchable hashtags inside of the service, but the newest features seem to be above and beyond, in terms of use.

Motorola Mobility shareholders approve Google merger

Motorola Mobility and Google first announced plans to merge the two companies back in August for a cool $12.5 billion. That's a lot of money no matter how you look at it. Today Motorola Mobility revealed that during a special shareholders meeting, owners of the company's stock voted overwhelmingly to approve the merger deal with Google.

Is Amazon working on a Kindle Phone?

Is Jeff Bezos truly following in the footsteps of Steve Jobs? It certainly seems that way on the surface as Amazon surprised many in the industry when the Kindle eReader devices started selling well. This week the company released its first tablet, the Kindle Fire; now reports that Amazon might be launching its own smartphone as well.

[Video] Jetpacks Finally Go on Sale…for $100,000

For years, comedians and commentators have bemoaned the fact that jetpacks, as imagined in 1950s sci-fi movies, never materialized.