Saturday, November 5, 2011

Google+ App Updated To 2.1.1. - G+ Home Screen Widget Makes Its Return

Android's Google+ app just got updated to version 2.1.1., bringing back the popular posting widget, which allows users to post updates and photos on the fly right from their home screen.

Motorola granted injunction against Apple

Motorola Mobility has reportedly confirmed that they have secured an injunction against the sale of Apple devices in Germany, according to ZDNet. According to “a copy of what purports to be a default judgment by the Mannheim Regional Court,” they say that this will prevent Apple from selling any devices that infringe on two Motorola patents in Germany.

Galaxy Nexus System Dump Available for Download

The folks at Modaco, who have apparently had their paws all over the Galaxy Nexus for a few days, released a system dump this morning along with the recovery and boot images from the device. I’m just now downloading these myself, so I can’t give you an idea as to what we may find that’s new inside. It’s the G-Nex though, who doesn’t want to poke around in it?

Which devices will get Ice Cream Sandwich?

Android 4.0 is coming, and it's going to be glorious. Now that we know exactly what the Ice Cream Sandwich is made of, only one question remains: exactly which phones will get the green light to upgrade to the newest version of Google's mobile OS? Details are beginning to trickle out from the woodwork, and below the break you can check out our list of lucky devices that have been confirmed to get the official refresh at some point in time. We're still awaiting official word from a few companies regarding their upgrade intentions, so we'll continue to add more to the list as they stream in. For now, join us after the break to find out which ones have been given the stamp of approval -- or the cold hard rejection letter.