Thursday, November 3, 2011

Modaco roots the Samsung Galaxy Nexus already

Veteran Android modder Paul O’Brien, AKA “Modaco”, is one lucky duck. He’s gotten his hands on the Galaxy Nexus before its release in the UK, currently set for November 17th. And like any good Android developer and/or ROM maker, he’s set to rooting that sucker. The first step in the process is a bit of code called a superboot, which executes from a desktop computer and roots the device with a bootloader work-around.

Two new iPads and major product redesigns for Apple next year?

Notorious rumor-monger and industry rag DigiTimes has released two reports on Apple's plans for next year, and they're interesting if not particularly reliable. According to DigiTime's sources, Apple is planning a complete refresh of most of its product lines next year — meaning iPad, iMac, iPhone and MacBook Air. The MacBook Air received a new design in late-2010, and we're still hearing rumors about the iPhone 5 and iPad HD next year, so it's possible that at least a few of these will change in 2012.

Google debuts slick YouTube player for Google+ and wider Chrome integration

Google has today announced a new, closer integration with YouTube and Chrome in its Google+ social network. The closer integration will come in the form of two Chrome extensions and a new YouTube “slider” right in your Google+ stream.

Samsung calls for deposition of Jony Ive, prominent Apple designers in US patent case

With the US trial between including Apple and Samsung scheduled to begin in July 2012, the Korean electronics giant has already named a number of key Apple designers and inventors that it wishes to testify over claims of patent infringement by the Galaxy smartphone maker.

Apple loses design lawsuit against Spanish tablet maker

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Apple's EU design registration on the iPad hasn't turned into quite the international weapon we expected after Cupertino's lawyers used it to stop the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany: a Dutch court declined to issue a similar ban on the Tab, and now Apple's running into problems in Spain, where it just lost a design lawsuit against tiny tablet maker NT-K.

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V trailer is live. Watch it here.

Having announced that it would release another title in it’s insanely popular Grand Theft Auto franchise, Rockstar has today put live the trailer for the game, titled ‘Grand Theft Auto 5′, which could be set in the fictional city of San Andreas and Vice City and likely see gamers play Tommy Vercetti, judging by the voiceover.

Signs of Paypal found inside new Android Market

Para leer esto en español, clic aquí.

A new version (3.3.11) of the Android Market has found itself leaked online this week, adding a couple of new and noteworthy features.  Among the details are the ability to toggle update settings (only over Wi-Fi) as well as a new icon, smaller fonts, and more obvious ratings.  Oh and then there's this thing about Paypal integration being tucked away.