Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Google officially releases the new Gmail design

As I said yesterday in this post, after so much buzz about the leaked video and also after the release yesterday of the new interface of Google reader, Google finally decided to release officially the expected new design. These are the highlights according to the Official Gmail Blog:

Google Docs begins to get Google Drive integration. Here’s how enable the hidden option.

Over the past five years, rumours have circulated that search behemoth Google has been working to roll out a new Cloud storage service called Google Drive, allowing users to store their documents, media and data online, similar to popular Cloud platform Dropbox.

Android eating RIM's marketshare rapidly in the US; 15% drop in Q3

Para leer esto en español, clic aquí.

The BlackBerry is going the way of the dinosaurs. Or at least, it will be extinct soon at the rate the company is losing market share in the US. In the last three months, the company has seen a incredible drop of 15% in US market share on the same period last year.

Could a native Gmail iPhone app finally be on the way? And will people use it?

Google is set to launch a dedicated, native Gmail application for the iPhone, according to MG Siegler.

Google+ for Android updated with new design

Para leer esto en español, clic aquí.

Following the release of the latest operating system for Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, Google has released an updated version of its Google+ App for Android, similar to the leaked version we saw before.

Google Reader Gets a Redesign, Adds Google+ Integration

Google has begun rolling out a new version of Google Reader, one that sports a brand-new design and deep integration with Google+.