Saturday, October 29, 2011

Visidon Applock sees your pretty face, grants you Android access [VIDEO]

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One of the new Ice Cream Sandwich striking highlights is the facial recognition, an application that allows you to unlock the device using facial recognition. ICS is not yet available, but we could have a similar functionality through the application Visidon AppLock.

Throwable Camera Creates 360-Degree Panoramic Images [VIDEO]

Are you, like so many others, tired of all those old-fashioned cameras you have to hold in order to take pictures? Well here’s a camera you get to throw.

Microsoft almost bought Netscape in 1994, but failed

Remember 1994? The Internet and the World Wide Web was just beginning to break out of its university roots and start to be used by the general public. That was just 17 years ago; now accessing the Internet via some kind of web browser is as commonplace as turning on a TV. However, if a new report over at is correct, the Internet and the web browser industry could have taken a different path.

YouTube officially announces "YouTube TV" plans

A few weeks ago, the rumor mill on the Internet spilled out news that YouTube was preparing to launch a new slate of original video programming in a more "TV network" style format. Late on Friday, YouTube finally confirmed those rumors and also posted up a preview site showing the many new and original shows that are planned for this new format.

Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot)

Released to schedule on October 13, Ubuntu 11.10 (codenamed Oneiric Ocelot) sees the end of official support for the GNOME desktop, the OS relying instead on Canonical's own Unity desktop in either the default 3D or 2D mode. Oneiric is something of a consolidation release, with improvements mostly limited to completing the switch to Unity begun in 11.04, along with general polish in terms of look and feel. You can peruse the official Ubuntu 11.10 release notes and take an online tour of Oneiric at the Ubuntu web site.

Google TV 2.0 update due out next week

The long promised Google TV 2.0 update is finally close to being released. Google's official blog site has announced that the update will be released for Sony's Google TV's Bravia televisions sometime early next week. The Logitech Revue set-top box, which turns most TVs into a Google TV device, will get the 2.0 update "soon thereafter.

HP may finally shut down webOS division

There were big cheers in the PC industry when HP announced Thursday that it was going to keep its PC business in-house. But there may not be much in the way of a celebration over at the webOS division. The Guardian reports via unnamed sources that HP could shut down the webOS business after acquiring the operating system, along with Palm, for $1.2 billion back in April 2010; 500 people at HP could lose their jobs if such a decision is made.