Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nokia announces its Drive navigation, Mix Radio, and ESPN Sports Hub cloud services for WP7

Apart from several Windows Phone 7 features, Nokia has shown off Nokia Drive on the Lumia 800, exclusive and for free on their Lumia devices. It offers full voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation in a 3D interface. 

Nokia's Lumia 710 Windows Phone announced alongside the 800, hitting select markets by end of year

You didn't think Nokia would go through all this hoo hah just for one handset, did you? 

Nokia announces the Lumia 800, the 'first real Windows Phone'

Finally, here it is. The flagship device Nokia is counting on to bring a smile to our phone-loving faces, a sigh of relief to its shareholders, and a twinkle to the eyes of Finnish tax collectors everywhere.