Monday, October 24, 2011

Google to Launch Music Download Service in 2 Weeks

Google’s long-rumored music download service could launch within the next two weeks.

The music store will be an add-on to Google Music Beta, a free service that lets users upload and manage their existing music library in the cloud, “people familiar with the matter” have told The Wall Street Journal. Currently, access to the service is optimized for the desktop web and Android devices.

Tim O’Reilly says ‘patent trolls could be the end of Silicon Valley’

Serial entrepreneur and founder of Web 2.0 Summit Tim O’Reilly says the biggest negative trend in the technology industry is ‘patent trolls‘ who are having a huge impact on preventing innovation. He says companies are spending their time suing each other for the monetary worth for technology they are not deploying themselves.

WATCH: Steve Jobs’s Biographer on "60 Minutes" [VIDEO]

60 Minutes has posted its interview with Walter Isaacson, the authorized biographer of Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs, which aired last Sunday,  October 23rd on the evening in US.

How Steve Jobs Influenced Google's Restructuring

Walter Isaacson's book about Steve Jobs includes some unflattering quotes about Google and Android, but it also explains Larry Page's decision to close many Google products and to create a cohesive interface for Google. 

Samsung admite modificaciones en sus productos debido al problema de patentes con Apple

Todos están al tanto de la batalla legal por temas de violación de pantentes que enfrenta desde hace meses a Samsung y Apple. Los episodios de esta guerra han sido numerosos y, por el momento, parece no tener fin. Al respecto, Won-Pyo Hong respondió algunas preguntas sobre este tema en el AsiaD desarrollado hace algunos días.

Could Android 4.0 facial recognition be beaten with a photo?

If you saw the movie Mission Impossible 3, you know that Tom Cruise' character Ethan Hunt at one point scales the Vatican wall in Rome and then places a photo in front of one of the wall's security cameras to fool the operator into thinking he is just seeing the normal view. Believe it or not, it sounds like the newly announced Android 4.0's facial recognition software could be fooled in exactly the same way.

Andy Rubin: Ice Cream Sandwich's Face Unlock is developed by PittPatt

Para español mira acá

Liking that Face Unlock on Ice Cream Sandwich we saw last week? You can thank PittPatt for that. At AsiaD's opening session, Android head honcho Andy Rubin confirmed that said Pittsburgh-based company -- acquired by Google earlier this year -- was responsible for this nifty security feature. 

Microsoft's YouTube account hacked

In what appears to be an attack on Microsoft, the company had its main YouTube channel hacked this weekend.