Thursday, December 8, 2011

Google updates Android Market, reviewer’s handset model & app version now included

Google has made a small but important improvement to the Android Market website, listing the handset model and version of the app next to a reviewer’s name when they leave a comment or review on an application.

The new feature is especially useful for developers, who will now be able to see at-a-glance what device the reviewer is using should they submit a low rating for their app. This will enable developers to identify what may be causing issues on certain handsets, giving them additional information to improve their applications.

It will also be of use to casual app downloaders who want to be able to make an informed decision on whether the application they are browsing would be suitable for them. For example, if a new app has a very low rating but all of the ratings are from people with an underpowered device running Android 1.6, the user may decide to give it a try because they have a newer Galaxy S II smartphone.

Google has also added dedicated hyperlinks to each review, making it easier for users to link to a specific complaint or positive comment on a blog post or in an email.

It’s another small improvement by the search giant that assists both the developer and the user – more of this please.

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