Thursday, December 8, 2011

BBX is now BlackBerry 10, likely due to BASIS lawsuit

If you were to choose a name of an important, new mobile operating system upon which you were pinning the future hopes of your beleaguered company, you would probably make sure you chose one that wouldn't become the target of a lawsuit that could require you to change the name. You also wouldn't be RIM, as its official @BlackBerryDev Twitter account has announced that the "BBX" name has been replaced by "BlackBerry 10."

The move comes tonight in the wake of a US court decision in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in which the court decided to granted a temporary restraining order against RIM. BASIS requested the order, as a part of an ongoing saga after it sued RIM over the BBX trademark, arguing that the company has been using it for its own operating system since 1985. RIM was about to hold a developer's conference in Singapore, where it would have talked up its BBX future. Despite RIM's jurisdictional argument (it's a Canadian company holding an event in Singapore, after all), the company lost this round. In fact, given the name change here, it looks as though RIM decided that it was going to lose the entire battle. BASIS was understandably pleased by the decision, going so far as to put out a press release linking to the ruling.

Shortly after the ruling came down, RIM's tweet went up — and we now have a new name for RIM's upcoming OS: BlackBerry 10.

Via | The Verge

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