Friday, November 18, 2011

SIM cards get smaller (again) with nanoSIM

If you thought Micro-SIM is the new thing in the technology world, then we have news. Even as the micro-SIM is just up and running in some Apple, Nokia and Motorola devices, there is a newer kid on the block.

The nano-SIM is a third smaller than the micro-SIM and is developed by German company Giesecke & Devrient.

If you go by the manufacturer, this new SIM technology will help manufacturers to produce thinner devices that perform better, in the future.

Measuring approximately 12mm x 9mm, the nano-SIM is about 30 percent smaller than the micro-SIM and 60 percent smaller than the SIM cards most commonly used these days. The thickness of the card has also been reduced by 15 percent at .076mm.

Going by what Axel Deininger, head of G&D’s Secure Devices division says, the invention of the SIM card is a milestone in the history of G&D and that the company has shown how this development can move closer to perfection, with the nano-SIM.

G&D believes that backward compatibility with older device models has been ensured by an adapter solution that allows the nano-SIM to be integrated into all established mobile devices for universal use.

Initial samples have been made available to various network operators for testing and that the nano-SIM could be available on first mobile devices as early as next year.

Don’t you think the tech world is getting smaller than expected? And at a faster pace?

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