Saturday, November 12, 2011

Send stories from Google Reader to Google+ with the new Share button

As a subscription-loving and RSS feed collecting media nerd of sorts, I tend to stick with Google Reader for my daily blog post diet. It’s a simple tool that seems to work flawlessly with most sites I happen to visit regularly, so this new update comes as a welcome and most-anticipated feature.

Google Product Marketing Manager, Louis Gray, announced this week that a new Google+ “share” button has been added to posts on Google Reader. He states:
“With the new Share button introduced this afternoon (see screenshot), you can share items directly with your circles on Google+, without having to +1 it first. This update has now rolled out to all Google Reader users. If you don’t see it, refresh your browser.”

Here’s what it looks like.

With this week’s revealed G+ Games update, to as far back as mid-August when Google+ first introduced Hangouts to YouTube, the aspiration to merge Google+ across the company’s core products is starting to see more action. I’d easily wager that this new “Share” button on Google Reader is only one of the many updates we’re bound to see in coming months.

While some continue to preach the death of Google+, to me these notions feel premature. Google+ is only in its infant stages and has yet to completely extend its arms throughout the entirety of Google’s various products and presences online. Assuming it eventually reaches the stage of full integration, the young social hub might soon become unavoidable. Google+ will essentially become the voice of Google, forever associated as the “personality” of the Google brand.

Again, the possibilities for iteration and new tools or features seem endless, though we can only wait to see what will come.

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