Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V trailer is live. Watch it here.

Having announced that it would release another title in it’s insanely popular Grand Theft Auto franchise, Rockstar has today put live the trailer for the game, titled ‘Grand Theft Auto 5′, which could be set in the fictional city of San Andreas and Vice City and likely see gamers play Tommy Vercetti, judging by the voiceover.

You’ll know Vercetti as the main character from GTA: Vice City, who mentions that he wants to settle down and retire but just wasn’t able to.

Whilst the trailer doesn’t give gamers much to go on, graphically it looks to be on a whole different level to Rockstar’s previous release (although anything could change between now and its release).

The 90 second trailer is embedded below.

Via | The Next Web

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