Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Could a native Gmail iPhone app finally be on the way? And will people use it?

Google is set to launch a dedicated, native Gmail application for the iPhone, according to MG Siegler.

The app, which has long been desired by a great many iPhone users, is thought to have already been submitted to Apple for review, suggesting that it may be released publicly very soon.

The upcoming native app is rumoured to be considered to be “pretty fantastic” by those who have seen it, according to Siegler. Undoubtedly the star attraction is the introduction of push-notifications — at long last for many iPhone owning Gmail users — alongside classic Google email features like message threading, priority inbox and starring.

Given the long delay without a native application for the iPhone you would expect that both Google and Apple would wait for the right solution and not rush the job with a half baked version. But, while the potential of the app will delight iPhones users across the world, and a native gmail iPhone app is fantastic in theory, there may yet be frustration until Apple allows users to change the default email client on the handset.

Could this be a case of two sets forward and one step back? Only time will tell as we wait to see if the rumours of the upcoming app are accurate.

Google took a significant step last year when it introduced push notifications for its web-based Gmail app and Google calendar for iPhone, but the prospect of a native application would be the company’s greatest stride on the flagship Apple device.

In related news, Google has just rolled out a revamped Android app for Google+.

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