Friday, November 18, 2011

Apple Says There’s $2.7 Billion at Stake in German Motorola Mobility Suit

If a German court should rule Apple violates Motorola Mobility’s patent on synchronizing email accounts, the company says its stands to lose a lot of money — money that Motorola would then be on the hook for should the injunction later be overturned.

During a court hearing Friday, Apple asked that Motorola be required to post $2.7 billion in collateral if it should win the case, so that if Apple prevails on appeal, it could be made whole for any losses it suffered during the process.

A massive sum, and one that the judge presiding over the case seemed to find overly large. “I am not yet entirely sure that amount adequately mirrors the commercial value of this dispute,” he said. “The technology isn’t a standard and there are alternative ways to provide the same services.”

Apple, of course, disagrees. But whether it’s doing that strategically — to maximize Motorola’s liability in the event of an injunction situation — or because it feels that $2.7 billion sum is genuine (as best I can tell, it didn’t explain the calculation behind that number) is anyone’s guess. More details at FOSS Patents.

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