Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Google Maps for Android going indoors in new update

Google Maps for Android has received a new update that brings the version number up to 6.0. As explained in a new entry on Google's official blog site, the 6.0 update allows Android smartphone and tablet users to take a look inside some large public buildings for the first time.

Apple may launch its iTunes Music Store in Latin America on December 8th amid regional push

Is Apple about to give a big commercial push in Latin America? While there aren’t any official confirmations yet, rumors have become more and more persistent and precise.

CyanogenMod 7 Makes Its Way To The Kindle Fire - Still A Bit Buggy, But Nearly Usable

Just two short weeks after the Kindle Fire received its first dose of Android development goodness (read: root), the first full custom ROM has made its way to the device. The ROM is question is, of course, CyanogenMod 7, the most widely distributed custom ROM among Android devices.

Google I/O Moved To June, And Now It's Three Days Long

Okay, I have some good news and some bad news. First, the good: Google has decided to extend next year's I/O convention to three days instead of the usual two! That's more time to spend hitting the booths, attending sessions, and chatting it up with the Google devs. Awesome.

CyanogenMod devs bring Android 4.0 to Samsung Nexus S and international Galaxy S

Since the day Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich code went public, all the developers including TeamDouche, the developers of CyanogenMod ROM, started working day and night on bringing Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs to various handsets.

Google will get an EU decision on its Motorola Mobility acquisition by 10 January

Google’s planned acquisition of Motorola Mobility, one of the biggest mobile stories of the year, has taken another step forward with the announcement that it’s being scrutinised by the European Commission.

New Kindles selling "millions" of units in first eight weeks

Amazon may never officially reveal specific sales figures for its Kindle line of eReaders and tablets but it seems pretty pleased with sales results so far. In a press release today, Amazon has announced it has sold "millions" of units in its Kindle line-up (the Kindle, the Kindle Touch, the Kindle Touch 3G and the Kindle Fire) in the eight weeks since the company announced the refresh of the product line.

Galaxy Nexus volume bug fix released, download the ROM now

The fix for the Galaxy Nexus' volume bug in the UK is now out and ready to download. Only thing is it's not coming from Google or Samsung, but from our good friend Paul O'Brien over at MoDaCo

Android Market website updated to support rooted devices

Google has updated their Android Market website to allow any user, with the Android Market installed of course, to push applications for automatic download on their devices. Many rooted devices haven’t had a problem with this feature before the update, but those that owned a NOOK Color, HP TouchPad, or the new Kindle Fire were not recognized before the update.

Uncensored web is a fundamental right, EU says

The European Court of Justice has overthrown a ruling that would force ISPs to filter their internet traffic to prevent illegal file sharing, Ars Technica reports. Scarlet Extended, a major Belgian ISP, has been the target of a suit by the Belgian Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers over alleged piracy by the ISP's customers. 

Google to redesign and simplify the Google Bar

Google users have become accustomed to the Google Bar when they visit the search site. It's that dark bar on top of the page with all sorts of menu choices that take the Google user to various Google products like Gmail, Documents and more. Now Google is planning to get rid of that dark bar on top of the browser in favor of an all new approach.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend and Last Week Recap

Another week of news, last week in It's All My Blog, we had news about the internet kill switch SOPA, the patent war and more, this weekend, I looked all over the world for news, so you can start a new week with good new stories.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

AT&T bets on long shot to save T-Mobile buyout

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, AT&T is preparing a new remedy proposal to the Justice Department in an attempt to save its troubled $39 billion takeover of T-Mobile. 

Google+ Gets Its Own TV Commercial

Sharing, but like real life. This is the message Google is sending with the first video TV commercial for its social network, Google+, which aired during a Lions vs. Packers football game in the U.S. Thursday.

Google working on native content streaming and peripheral support for Chrome

Speaking at Develop Liverpool, Google developer advocate Paul Kinlan says that the company will add native gamepad, webcam, microphone, and content streaming support to Chrome sometime in early 2012 — all of which could eventually enable a pretty compelling OnLive-like cloud gaming experience in the browser without the need for plugins. 

Is the Argentine online video website Cuevana the new Napster?

You know a website is popular when its downtime is newsworthy enough to make it to Twitter’s trending topics – and that’s exactly what happened to a couple days ago. So what is Cuevana and why may it soon be in trouble?

Playstation Move catching up with Xbox Kinect?

Kinect and Move, the two competing motion-tracking systems, are closing in on each other. The last time we heard from the Kinect group, the product was at 10 million sold. But that was back in March, and surprisingly little information has come forward since then. On the other hand, Playstation Move had sold nearly 9 million by June.

Senator Joe Lieberman asks Google for a terrorist flagging button on Blogger

Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) has taken a few hits over the years in technology circles. The Democratic Party's nominee for VP in 2000 is most recently remembered for having proposed an "internet kill switch." Well, that wasn't exactly what he proposed at all, but it didn't earn him any fans in the tech community, that's for sure.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

AT&T pulls FCC application for T-Mobile USA deal, expects $4 Billion charge

With the announcement that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) would seek to send AT&T’s proposed acquisition of Deutsche Telekom-owned T-Mobile USA to an administrative law judge for review, both companies have announced that they have withdrawn their applications from the regulator.

New Samsung ad pokes fun at Apple fanboys

It’s no secret that Samsung and Apple aren’t exactly best friends these days. The two companies continue to lock horns, as disputes rage over patent infringements, with Apple doing its very best to get Samsung’s newest Android smartphones and tablets forcibly removed from sale in multiple markets.

Google responds to Galaxy Nexus volume bug: 'we have a fix'

The Galaxy Nexus volume bug has been squashed in Google's labs. The Android software maker has just announced it has a fix for the problem plaguing UK owners of the new Nexus, which will be rolled out "as soon as possible." Here's Google's statement in full:

Facebook testing Messenger and Ticker client for Windows

Facebook has started allowing a small group of users to download a new piece of software; Facebook Messenger for Windows. The product appears to be similar to their offering for mobile devices, and features the same branding, but also features the ticker and desktop notifications for activity on the social network.

Adobe: Flash for Android 4.0 before end of 2011, no Flash for Android 5.0

Adobe has confirmed to Pocket-lint that it plans to release Flash for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich by the end of 2011, but it will be the last update going forward. That means that there will be a Flash-free future for Android beyond ICS. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

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Microsoft signs NDA with Yahoo!, could place bid for the company

Microsoft has signed an NDA with Yahoo! so that they can take a closer look at the financials of the company. The report comes from the New York Times who believes that Microsoft has signed the NDA to align itself for a potential bid for the struggling Internet company. 

New Kinect hardware on the way for Windows, lands in 2012

If you use Kinect with your PC and have dreamed about dedicated hardware for the Windows platform, your dream will come true in 2012. A new blog post on Kinect for Windows has announced that "new Kinect hardware especially for Windows" will be available next year. 

Stanislaw Lem honored by Google doodle puzzle game

Google's doodle for November 23rd is fairly fun — it's a little animated puzzle game in honor of the 60th anniversary of science fiction author Stanislaw Lem's first book being published. The doodle itself is inspired by The Cyerberiad, a series of short stories Lem wrote about a robot universe. 

Exynos 4412 can be the first Quad-core processor from Samsung, SGS3 maybe?

Looks like the first details on Samsung’s Exynos Quad-core System-on-Chip (SoC) have trickled out. Traces of an upcoming Exynos 4412 supporting quad-core have been found on the Kernel Git page. Samsung is apparently testing the chip and has added support for the SoC on the development boards.

Apple and Microsoft-backed BSA acknowledges that SOPA “needs work”

The Business Software Alliance, an industry trade group backed by Apple, Microsoft and over two dozen other tech companies, has admitted that SOPA needs work and that important questions have been raised about it.

New Density settings in Google Reader

A couple of weeks after the redesign, it looks like Google finally decided to make Google Reader as responsive as the other web apps with a ‘display density setting’ like in Gmail or Google Docs. 

Fired Windows Phone evangelist sails into Google territory

Remember this from September? For Joe Marini and his followers, there is at least good news out of this incident - Marini still has a job, and it's still in the hotly contested mobile space. Of course, his job is now at one of his old employer's most despised rivals: Google.

A Friendly Reminder From Google: 2-Step Verification Protects You From Hackers

Did you know that Google offers 2-step login verification for Gmail accounts? The feature has been around a while, and now Google has written a reminder for all users who need an extra layer of security for their Gmail account and other services connected to it.

EU Injects Itself Into Apple-Samsung Patent War

Looks like Apple’s sprawling intellectual property battle with Samsung could draw some unwanted attention from the European Union Competition Commission. Evidently, EU regulators are growing concerned that the battle itself could be stifling competition in the mobile space, and they’ve begun talking to the parties involved.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Galaxy Nexus owners complain of odd volume bug

We challenge you to find a major new tech product launch that isn't accompanied by a handful of issues in the field. It's hard to do — and the Galaxy Nexus is no exception, it seems, with reports coming out of the UK that the device's volume is occasionally going to zero uncommanded (a condition sometimes referred to as "mute"). Furthermore, it seems to stick there for several seconds while the device becomes unresponsive, so you can't immediately fix it... but that's assuming you notice it. If you don't, the danger of missing notifications gets a lot higher.

Google+ Adds Mutual Circle Chat

Take a look in the lower left-hand corner of your Google+ profile and you may notice a brand new feature: Chat with those in your mutual Circles. This little addition is significant because it breaks down a key interaction barrier between you and those you’re only acquainted with via Google+’s Circles social connection metaphor.

Ice Cream Sandwich supports USB mass storage after all, Galaxy Nexus does not

When we gave our first impressions of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, we were a bit taken aback by the fact that USB mass storage wasn't supported on the device, leading us to believe that it was a flaw in Android 4.0. 

Flash will be coming to Ice Cream Sandwich

Despite the claims that Flash was dead or was in its final death throes, it seems that the much-maligned program will be making its return on Android 4.0. Information given to Pocket-Lint by Adobe themselves suggests Flash will be remaining with Android.

Get The Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard On Your Phone

For those who are anxious to get their hands on Ice Cream Sandwich, another bit of Android's newest iteration has slipped out. This time, we've got the ICS keyboard. 

Mobile ODIN now lets you flash firmware right from your device

ODIN is a handy, yet powerful tool for Android-powered Samsung devices that allows users to flash firmware updates and kernels using a relatively simple interface.

Early Details On 2012’s Redesigned iPad, iPhone + MacBook Pro

iLonge's most reliable source has spoken: expect body changes for the next iPad, iPhone, and MacBook Pro. Here’s what we’ve heard.

Barnes & Noble Claims Microsoft Illegally Expanding Its Patents To Crush Android

Things are getting a bit more interesting in the ongoing fight between Microsoft and Barnes & Noble. You'll remember that earlier this year, Microsoft began suing B&N for refusing to fork over Android-related fees from the Nook Color. Barnes & Noble has responded, alleging in its motion that Microsoft "is using its licensing practices to improperly broaden the scope of its patents in an attempt to dominate mobile operating systems such as Android that threaten Microsoft's monopoly in personal computer ("PC") operating systems." 

Samsung Galaxy S Official 2.3.5 Update Released to UK

While Samsung Users are Waiting for the Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwhich Update by 2012, which Google has just released its Source Code, Samsung has pushed her first Official Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread Update throught KIES as we announced before that the Update is coming on Q4,2011 and here we are, Just in time for UK users!

Samsung vs Apple trial dates set through March 2012 in Australia

The judge overseeing the Australian case between Apple and Samsung agreed earlier this week to postpone the trial on Samsung's infringement allegations until March 2012. She's now released her scheduling order in the case, and there's a lot going on. Here are some of the deadline highlights.

Tagging your friends in Google+ Photos just got a whole lot easier

Finally, an easier way to tag your friends in photos via Google+. Nathan Davis, Software Engineer on the Google+ Photos team, revealed in a G+ status update that “a fun new feature that will make tagging the people in your photo albums quicker and easier”. It works like this:

Apple Expands ‘App Store’ Lawsuit Against Amazon

The hype surrounding the Kindle Fire appears to have caught Apple’s attention. The iPad maker cited Amazon’s gadget and added a new claim in an amended complaint it filed yesterday as part of its on-going quest to own the phrase “app store.”